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アクロプラス, コンサルティング, 多言語翻訳, 通訳, wetranslate, ビズベット, ベトナム進出, ベトナムPR, デザイン, PR, マーケティング, 山梨, インバウンド対策, 輸出入, クラフトビール, SNSマーケティング, ブランディング, インフルエンサーマーケティング, 海外事業, 海外進出

Global Business Division

Corporate Sales

You will follow up with our existing customers who are expanding or are looking to expand their business overseas and also find new customers who are after their business expansion. We're looking for a key player who can make use of their own experiences in overseas markets and grow together with us.

Multilingual Translation Division

Translators, Interpreters

We contact you about materials to be translated and provide a deadline. When you complete the translation, you send it to us via email. Your pay will be discussed and determined on each project according to the amount of text, the level of difficulty and a deadline.

Creative Division

Graphic Designer

The major duties are creating websites, production of paper media and other types of media, and designing logos, web banners, etc. We're looking for someone who can proactively communicate with our clients in meetings or discussions within our team.

Global Business Division


We're looking for university students who can work with us and support us in connecting companies and communities to the global market and creating business through our internship program.

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